New Vertical-Feed Bulk Cartridge Annealer Processes 700 .223 Rem Cases with No Hand-Feeding

2023-03-31 05:31:48 By : Ms. zhenqi craft
Beijing Orient Pengsheng Tech. Co., Ltd. (OPTECH) has partnered with the renowned Giraud Tool Company to introduce an innovative bulk cartridge annealing machine to global users. The new annealing machine utilizes a vertical hopper feed system designed by Doug Giraud, the founder of Giraud Tool Company. As per an official announcement, the innovative design allows the machine to process bulk cartridge annealing without human intervention.

The patent-pending annealing machine can process up to 700 .223 Rem cases at a time with no hand-feeding. The machine's advanced design also ensures uniform annealing, thus reducing cartridge element damage and increasing overall accuracy. If used as prescribed, the Giraud vertical-feed bulk annealer is capable of extending the life of the brass by up to ten times, saving money and resources.
Giraud Vertical-Feed Bulk Annealer within

The Giraud vertical-feed bulk annealer is one of the latest entries in the pistol and rifle cartridge annealing machines market. These machines are used to heat-gun the cartridge necks to restore the ductility of the brass, which reduces wear and tear, extends the life of the cartridge, and reduces reloading costs. Cartridge annealing machines are useful to competitive shooters or people who reload for high-volume shooting, where brass preparation is an essential part of the process.

OPTECH's collaboration with Giraud Tool Company is part of the former's commitment to providing wire & cable processing overall solutions to the global users. OPTECH established its business in 2011 with technology and know-how and comprehensive manufacturing facilities and management that are dedicated to delivering the best machines from China to worldwide customers.

Since its inception, OPTECH has forged strong relationships with various industries and is committed to providing customized solutions for its users. The company specializes in wire drawing machines, wire stranding machines, wire bunching machines, wire cabling machines, wire twisting machines, wire taping machines and more.

The Giraud vertical-feed bulk annealer is one of the many machines that OPTECH focuses on in meeting the needs of customers. The machine's unmatched benefits have made it the most sought-after product for customers who prioritize accuracy and efficiency in processing their cartridges. The machine's high-volume processing capabilities also make it the perfect tool for mass-production without compromising on the quality of the cartridges.

According to a statement from OPTECH, the new annealing machine draws inspiration from the company's commitment to innovation and manufacturing quality. Giraud Tool Company is renowned across the world for creating superior quality, efficient, and high-tech machinery for an array of industries.

Giraud's involvement in designing the vertical-feed bulk annealer guarantees that OPTECH has something new and innovative to offer its customers. The machine provides a breakthrough for gun accessory manufacturers, reloaders, and competitive shooters who demand consistent quality, accuracy, and efficiency in every aspect of their trade.

Apart from the Giraud vertical-feed bulk annealer, OPTECH provides comprehensive solutions for all wire and cable processing machines. They have a reputation for producing quality machines, and their customer services match each machine's excellence.

In conclusion, OPTECH's collaboration with Giraud Tool Company to introduce an innovative bulk cartridge annealing machine is a significant achievement in the manufacturing of wire and cable machines. The Giraud vertical-feed bulk annealer is a game-changing tool for those in the firearms industry, providing an efficient means of processing cartridges without compromising their quality. OPTECH is dedicated to providing these solutions to customers worldwide, reinforcing their position in the wire and cable making machines market.